Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019

How to crack the JEE Main exams

A very important phase of our life  “the high school years”, these two years pretty much decide our future, what kind of job will we get into, which college we will go to and all that sort of stuff. There are basically three main things students opt for “CA/Engineer/Doctor”, yes there are more than a hundred other fields but most of the students choose any one out of these three.

An student aspiring to be an engineer, finds a big giant closed gate in front named as “JEE”, if he manages to cross the gate he succeeds, if he doesn’t he will have to manage with lower options. Here we have some educational tips for the JEE aspirants, that can help them get better results.
Make a study schedule and follow it
Every year more than 10 lakh students sit in the JEE mains exams and only 1.5 lakh are selected. There must be something that the selected ones did which the others didn’t. A very important thing is to “follow a routine”. By routine we mean the time you give to each subject on an individual day.
Surveys conducted on aspirants found that the students who studied a day to a single subject scored less than those who studied all subjects in parts. The reason behind this is, overdue of time. Consider this, you study maths on Monday, physics on Tuesday and chemistry on Wednesday, if you go back to Math on Thursday, your mind will find it hard to recall everything, thus you will have to do a detailed revision before moving forward. By this example what we want to say is, make a 4-6 hour study routine everyday, give equal focus to each subject but when you start your routine pick up the ones you are more confident in, this helps your mind stimulate confidence and than the harder subjects will look a little easy. Schooling+institute+self study, a student must do all these in order to clear this tough and exhausting exam. In order to buy books at lower rates you must try Shopclues offers.
Other tips to ensure better preparation
If you do want to clear the exam in your first attempt, with good scores, if you want to see yourself study in some of the top engineering institutes of India, you will have to start preparing right after you pass the 10th exam. There are many famous JEE preparation institutes all over India, but keep this in mind that you will have to give tour blood and sweat to this, if you want a good rank.
Many successful and high ranked students say that solving the past 5 year exam papers, taking extra classes to clear doubts and not being ashamed to ask something were the other things except “hard work & determination” that gave them a head start. If you want to get previous year exam papers or questionnaires you can go visit e-commerce sites, and avail books at discounted prices, promo codes for Amazon  are what you can take benefit of.
Be determined, stay strong, never lose focus & confidence, and you shall succeed in what you seek.