Monday, 18 Feb 2019

Significance of Awards and Trophies in a Sporting Event

Sports and sporting events are one of the best perpetrators of the sentiment of brotherhood among people belonging to varied backgrounds. While sports are a essentially adhesive for the society, there is much beyond the populist glam and glimmer associated with the sporting event. To make the event a success, much planning and implementation is done and taken care of. From lodging of the players and transportation to the awards and prizes, much thinking has been put into implementing the event perfectly. Awards and prizes are perhaps one of the most important parts of the event since they commemorate the victory.

Players put in years of hard work to hone their skills to the level of victory. This dedication to ace the sport needs to be appreciated and awarded for to signify the players excellence at the game.
It might be any sport, but the award presented must be one which fills the player with pride and delight not just on receiving it but even when see it years after the game happened. Thus, the award too needs to be thought about with certain considerations to be made while choosing the award.
Firstly, it is important to decide on the kind of award that will suit the event best. It can be a medal, a plaque, a sash, a trophy, a shield, a cup or a customized award. The size of the award must depend on the scale of the event and also of the number of players or teams to be awarded. If there is one sole winner, the size does not matter but with multiple awardees, the winners must get the award largest in size followed by the runner ups and any other special awards.
Next, it is important that the award is designed in a manner that it symbolizes in some manner the game that it represents. The designer must hence keep in mind a concept that relates to the sport and pleases the aesthetic sense too. The trophy must typically signify a strength of the sport and relate to the nature of the work required or depict a trait which is peculiar to the particular sport.
It is also important that the award looks genuine and carries the insignia and the name of the organizers and preferably the event or the tournament. A trophy or award that looks like it is shopped off the rack loses its power of authenticity and might cause the winners more embarrassment than pride. It is almost like a show piece for them with no memories associated if it does not remind them instantly of the victory. It is also recommended that before the award is printed or engraved on, the spellings of the words to be engraved must be checked since a slight error in the spelling can be a cause of embarrassment for both the winners as well as the organizers.
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