Preparing for AIPMT/NEET? If your answer is yes, then we understandhow difficult it is todecide on your course of action to crack the exam. From selecting the best coaching institute to getting your hands on the best reference books, the decisions must be right for a safe sailing.Now, worry not as we are always here to help aspiring students like you to ace your exams with excellent scores.

Let us begin our assistance by first telling you about the popular books to refer for AIPMT/NEET preparation. All the below-listed books have proved to be of immense help and are also recommended by experts.

All India Pre-Medical Test consists of three subjects, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. As Biology has 50% weightage alone, we will first suggest the books for Biology.S0 read ahead and get an edge on your preparations!


NCERT books might seem simple, but they are some of the best books for students looking to build strong fundamentals. They are offered by CBSE and make up for board preparation. The straightforward and descriptive language is what that makes NCERT books as one of the popular books among AIPMT/NEET aspirants.

  • see url Objective Biology by S. Dinesh

If you wish to practice paper-based examination, Objective Biology should undoubtedly be on your must-have books list.The book covers diverse topics ranging from cell structure and function to applications of biotechnology.

  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology

Teachers and experts highly recommend a comprehensive book like Trueman’s Elementary Biology. It is divided into five sections discussing the different aspects of Biology. The book’s accessible and precise language is also one of the reasons for its popularity among AIPMT aspirants.

  • source link Physiology and Biochemistry – Salisbury & Ross/ Frit & Noggle

Once you have strengthened your fundamentals, you can go on to refer Physiology and Biochemistry for a thorough preparation.

enter Chemistry

Best for building fundamentals, the books from NCERT should be on the top of your list.

Another essential book to refer for AIPMT isChemistryby S. Dinesh which has several questions in every format to prepare you for the examinations.

  • Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee

This book provides an excellent explanation on the tough topics of inorganic chemistry. Also, the books  coverdistinct types of questions that students can face during entrance exams.

  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

Explaining the theories in detail, this book is best if you want to cover all the topics such as drugs, synthetic dyes among others related to organic chemistry.


  • NCERT Physics for Class 11 & 12

Just as the NCERT booksfor Biology and Chemistry, the NCERT books for Physics for class 11th and 12th are best known for their giving astrong fundamental understanding of the topics to the students. So, do purchase it as it is the first step towards your AIPMT/NEET Preparation.

  • Concept of Physics by HC Verma

This book is no less than a bible for students who wish to score high in Physics. The book is divided into two volumes and covers almost every topic with remarkable explanations.

  • Physics by Anil Aggarwal

Another study mate for the AIPMT/NEET aspirants, Physics by Anil Aggarwal has a sizable number of questions to help the students in getting abetter grasp over the subjects.

  • Concept of Competition Physics PMT

The book is considered ideal for entrance exams such as AIPMT/NEET.As per the needs of students, it details all the concepts with solved examples and exercises to practice.

Apart from these books, you also need to have previous years papers to understand and evaluate the question paper.Furthermore, if you are planning to prepare for AIPMT online then try choosing new-age learning apps like Aakash iTutor that not only have every inch of the syllabus covered but also provide easy access to understand all topics with its comprehensive video content and interactive eBooks.

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