go here Digital learning has become a new trend these days. It not only saves time but also gives an option to learn from the comfort of your home. No wonder, students are embracing them for several competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Students’ inclination towards this dynamic medium is the result of some quality e-learning solutions like IIT JEE app follow url , e-books. virtual classes etc. In the digital era, there are severalE-learning resourcesavailable. Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live from the reputed Aakash Institute are few of them. The digital platform, Aakash Live, functional on internet speed as low as 100 kbps gives a virtual classroom like experience. Students have access to self-paced learning and save both travel time and money. On the other hand, Aakash iTutor is the best example of Internet-free flexible digital learning. The platform offers a memory card embedded with video lectures and eBooks. This memory card can be plugged into laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to learn the toughest of topics with ease. You can get deeper insights about Aakash iTutor through the Aakash appto strengthen your JEEpreparation.

click The advantages of E- learning are manifold. Here’s the comprehensive list of its merits to give you a deeper insight about the medium.

  1. source Study at your own pace

Digital coaching offers the advantage of strategizing your study plan. You can get access to video lectures and study materials and study at your own pace. You can rewind, pause and fast forward the video lectures at your own convenience and grasp the topics easily.

  1. here Flexibility to subscribe to the entire syllabus or just a few topics

Unlike conventional coaching programs, a student can choose to either subscribe to the entire curriculum or opt a few chapters with e-learning platforms like Aakash iTutor. The rich content explains every topic in detail and you get an in-depth understanding of the chapters.

  1. Study anytime and anywhere

The best part about digital learning is the benefit that it offers in terms of preparing at anyplace, be it home or even while travelling. Digital learning reduces the time wastage as a student gets the leverage of studying at any time of the day. With easy access to useful study material, you can choose to study whenever, wherever. Especially, with modules and video lectures, stored in your memory chip, you have the advantage of accessing them any time, even while you are travelling or while you are relaxing in a café.

  1. 4 http://top5learning.com/?dissertation-acknowledgements-section . Save on time and money

Digital IIT JEE preparationcuts down on the travel cost and time. Aakash Live enables you to study under the guidance of expert professionals while sitting at your home. You have access to live online classes where you can even interact with your peers and clearyour doubts in doubt resolution sessions.

  1. Get rich study material

Easy access to enriched study material is an advantage of digital learning.With E-learning platforms like Aakash iTutor and Aakash Live you have access to high quality video lectures and study material. The content is prepared by the highly experienced subject experts and is based on JEE pattern.

As IIT JEE is one the hardest nuts to crack, thereforeit demands big efforts. The digital learning methods come with several benefits and bolster your preparation strategy. However only choose reputed names like Aakash, to save yourself from any regrets later.

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