click here There are different educational organizations committees are in India. One such committee is NCERT. According to the scientific, literacy and charitable society act, this committee was formed in the year 1961. Being an educational committee, NCERT has published a lot of books which are currently approved by CBSE for class I to XII. Most of the schools in India currently use those books published by NCERT. As the books of NCERT are famous, a number of students and teachers are in need to download those books. Those who are in need of NCERT books can visit and download their needy books.

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enter site This site contains NCERT books in both Hindi and English version. A single request to this committee regarding the needed books is enough to get the books. Once the teacher or a student sends a request, the committee will reply with a download link. By using this link, one can download the books in the form of soft copy without spending money. On the other hand, if anyone wants to get those books in the printed form they can acquire those books from the market. All the books of NCERT are available in the market at an affordable price. By using those NCERT solutions books, one can prepare well for any NCERT related competitive exam.

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Following are some of the books of NCERT which are useful for competitive exams

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Sanskrit
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Political Science
  • Civics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Statics
  • Chemistry
  • Yoga
  • Fine arts
  • Graphical design
  • Heritage crafts
  • Business studies
  • Computer and communication technology
  • Accounting etc

enter Not only these books, but also all the books of NCERT are available in both soft and hard copy. Also, these books are available in e-commerce sites and hence one can easily avail these books. The best way to get NCERT CBSE solutions books is to get it from the official site. The books of NCERT are useful for exams like RRB, UPSC and SSC. All help related to NCERT books, exams are provided in the official site of NCERT. If students subscribe to this site they will get daily notes and tutorials and download their needed books. Students will get all notifications related to new books publish, exams, classes and tutorials to their registered email address. Thus, it is the best solution to get NCERT books.

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