Thursday, 16 Aug 2018
Category: Education Tips

How Students Can 20-Mile March Their Way to Good Grades

Jim Collins is an author and astute researcher and scientist in the business world. His ability to research, ask the right questions, and trust the research to make his points has changed the way many companies work. As the founder of a management laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, he researches and hosts masterminding sessions with top […]

How Teachers Can Use Quicktime Video Screenshots to Help Students Learn

Tutorial videos are a great way for teachers to provide extra learning resources for students. With these recorded videos, students are able to review the lessons learned in class and catch up from afar during an absence. Videos also provide an excellent resource for future reference. Screenshot videos are a great learning resource when used […]

17 Great Resources for Building a Student’s Self Image

What do your students see when they look in the mirror? Do they see someone worthwhile or someone who will never be good enough? While it isn’t your responsibility to dig into the nuances of every student’s self-perception, you can still help the members of your class to have healthy views of themselves. Such a […]

Help Students Develop Vital Interviewing Skills in Your Classroom

Interviewing subjects isn’t just that thing HR Managers do. In fact, interviewing can be a great form of experiential learning. This is true whether students are the interviewer or the interviewee. In fact, when we encourage students to ask questions of the people they meet, we’re encouraging the development of a wide range of skills, […]