Thursday, 16 Aug 2018
Month: April 2016

Wildlife Control – Health Risks of Wildlife Invasion in Homes

Wildlife control or nuisance wildlife management refers to the process of selective or systematic removal of certain species of wildlife that has become destructive, menacing, or threat to human health. The most common nuisance wildlife include opossums, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, pigeons, snakes, skunks, and bats. These animals pose a threat to human health because […]

The difference between rebuilding and overhauling an Automobile Engine

Doesn’t rebuilding and overhauling an engine sound essentially similar? There is however a vast difference in the two. Rebuilding an engine requires the engine to be removed from the automobile, disassembled and then have the motor block checked for the following parameters: Excessive Cylinder Wear Condition of Connecting Rods Pistons checked for size and condition […]

Wigs and Hats For Cancer Patients – Making Choices Easier

As most cancer treatments result to temporary hairloss, cancer patients would be requiring a wig or hat to wear for a certain period. It may vary with every person, but hair mostly grows back completely in about 6 months to a full year. Because of such, a cancer patient is advised to purchase a wig […]


In today’s world, nobody wants to own something which is owned by everybody or is common. We all want our things to be exclusive. An example of this can be seen in the customized gifting practice which is on a boom these days. When we are so particular about such small things in life, then […]

How to Study for Chemistry Section in JEE Main Exam?

JEE Main 2016 is round the corner and preparation is going in full flow for the students. Any student appearing for this exam doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned and want to make full use of it. If they clear this level then they will move one step further towards the advance level of […]